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When tenths of a second can be the difference between victory or defeat, knowing exactly how to setup your kart is crucial. Have you ever felt that your chassis does not handle as well as you would like, but aren’t quit sure how to improve it? Today is the day you can learn to tune like a pro, and change your results.

The Winning Setup DVD takes a comprehensive look at every aspect of the chassis, starting with the basics. You will learn driver / mechanic communication techniques, how to test, approach a race weekend, and slowly transition into the technical aspects of chassis preparation and setup.  By applying these principles and techniques, you will become more productive, efficient, and most importantly find your winning set up.

The DVD is 160 minutes long packed with full hands on tutorials on how to’s, techniques, and tips. Included in the DVD is a free subscription to Winning Setup Online which has exclusive bonus videos as well as race winning setups, Wrench 2 Win data sheet, new techniques, and tips for chassis maintenance and preparation.

Included in the DVD package as well is the Winning Setup Chassis Setup Cheat Sheet that you can take to the track and use as a reference.

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Bryce Choquer - 2012 Rotax Grand Finals

Oct 1, 2012 - Wrench 2 Win - Bryce Choquer, official Wrench 2 Win driver has officially qualified for the 2012 Rotax Grand Finals in Portugal. Earlier in the year Bryce won the 3 race Western Canadian Championships which gave him the seat to the worlds.

In late August Bryce was offered a ride with SRA Karting in Montreal to compete at the Canadian Nationals in Rotax Senior. In qualifying he struggled with a 14th position. But it did not take long to show his speed and he quickly moved up through the field in the heat races. In the Pre final he started 7th, and after losing a few spots on the start he moved back up into 5th place. In the final he had a stellar drive, getting into 3rd after lap one, and stayed there for the rest of the final.

It was a very successful weekend at the Canadian Nationals and a great showing once again for the up and coming Bryce Choquer. Bryce said earlier “ I am so excited to be heading back to the Grand Finals. In 2010 in Italy I finished 6th out of the 72 car field and I hope that in Portugal we can improve upon this result. I have been driving every 3-4 days putting in a solid 100 laps minimum as training and preparation for the Worlds. I am focused and preparing for the Grand Finals as much as I can. Wrench 2 Win and its techniques is what has helped me get to where I am today. I am always focused on the fundamentals.”

We would like to congratulate Bryce on his great achievement and will be traveling with him to the Grand Finals. We will keep everyone posted on his upcoming results next month.