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Blake Choquer is one of the top driving coaches in the World. Blake has been karting for 22 years and has worked with some of the best drivers in the World. What separates Blake from the rest is that he has turned karting into a Science, and using effective communication skills he has the ability to teach young aspiring students to develop their skills.

Driver coaching is the best investment you can make for your driver. In some cases customers of Blake have said just one day of coaching with Blake, is the equivalent to one years worth of karting. Working one on one with Blake can make a World of difference.

The results of drivers that Blake have worked with speaks for themselves, including Diego Laroque 2016 Rotax World Champion, Sting Ray Robb 2015 Florida Winter Tour, Challenge Of The America’s Champion, Derek Wang US Open National Champion, Mario Barrios 5X Peruvian National Champion. Thats just a to name a few in the last two years.

We have a beautiful facility called Greg Moore Raceway that we can do arrive and drive packages for driver coaching and tuning. Typical days we will get 100-200 laps of 1 on 1 coaching.

The areas we focus on include:

Mental Preparation
Goal Setting
Confidence / focus
Practice makes perfect
Driving Technique
Threshold braking
Trail Brake / Trail Acceleration
Apex Points
Turn in Points / Smooth Hands
Where you should be looking
90 degree, hairpin, chicane, open/ closed radius, combo corners.
Starts of a race
Learning chassis setups and chassis changes
Race craft

If you would like to discuss driver coaching, please contact Blake Choquer (604) 783-6474 or and we can create a program to cater to your goals.

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