Pro Flow Jet Kits

Flow Tested Main Jets

Pro Flow jets are the most precisely calibrated jets available in today’s market. We test thousands of jets using a liquid flow bench engineered specifically for rotax jets. Each individual main jet is flow tested and the data we receive is recorded and logged into our software, where we select jets to create a linear relationship in flow from one jet size to the next. With a ProFlow jet kit, tuning your carburetor is easier than ever. If you ever lose or damage a jet, contact us with your serial number and we will replace your lost jet with one of equal performance.

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Pro Flow Q&A

1Why shouldn’t I pin measure my jets instead of purchasing ProFlow jets?
Pin measurement is a great way to determine the hole size of your jets, but performance of a jet is affected by many factors outside of hole size that cannot be measured by a pin set. The only way to accurately test the performance of a jet is to flow test it.
2What happens if I lose one of my jets?
If you lose a jet from your Pro Flow kit, don’t worry. Every kit we sell has a one of a kind serial number with your jet information. Contact us and we will replace your lost jet with one of the same performance.
3Will using ProFlow jets really make a difference?
Using ProFlow jets will save you valuable time at the track, and take the guesswork out of tuning. Tuning the carburetor is never easy, and we’ve worked hard to eliminate some of the difficulties that have troubled racers in the past.
4What makes ProFlow jets special?
Our jets are tested using a state of the art flow bench which records the rate of flow of each jet. After the data is collected, jets are selected which have a linear relationship from one size to the next. In other words, using ProFlow jets makes carburetor tuning more predictable and easier than ever.
5Should I do anything to protect my jets?
Yes. When not in use, keep your jets clean and sealed in their container. This will protect your jets from corrosion which will affect their performance. It is also important to use a proper screwdriver to prevent any gouging or other damage when working with your jets.