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BBR Karting

BBR Karting is based out of Vancouver, BC and is one of the top karting schools and racing teams. They provide one on one coaching and arrive and drive programs.They travel all over the World racing and work very closely with PDB Racing Team based out of the Netherlands. BBR has been envolved heavily in the Rotax program since 2003 and X30, L0206.

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Comet Kart Sales

Comet Kart Sales is one of the largest and well known kart shops in Eastern USA. The Dismore family have built one of the best tracks in the world NCMP and run one of the best kart shops and online stores. Marc Dismore Jr does a great job.

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Kart O Rama

Kart O Rama has been in the sport since 1959. Roger Semro runs one of the best and biggest shops in the USA based out of Washington. They are a Tillett distributor. One word describes Kart O Rama....Legends.

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K1 Race Gear

K1 Race Gear based out of California is a very large company that is well known for the K1 Rental Karts. K1 has a great online store and carries many of its own brands of driving apparel and custom suits.

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