Why Every Driver Needs These Two Videos

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December 9, 2016
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December 17, 2016

wrench-2-win-dvd-videosNow I know what you are thinking, They just want to sell DVD’s, but the real answer goes much further then that. When I created Wrench 2 Win it was about being able to help fellow racers on a global scale through my hard knocks of trial and error at countless practice sessions and races with my dad. Through my 22 years of karting gaining knowledge everyday at the track I wanted to create a product that literally, has become the most beneficial tool to drivers,tuners and parents.

Packing 20+ years of knowledge into 120 minute chassis DVD and driving DVD is a game changer for many. I know even some very experienced individuals use the videos still as a refresh before every start of the season, thats the kind of quality information that are in the videos.

The Winning Setup DVD which focuses on chassis setup and theory, and the Science Of Driving DVD which focuses on driving, are two prducts that I am very proud of. Everything I use on a daily basis at the track are in these DVD’s. It is one of the best feelings when people approach me at the track or send an email to say they have my DVD’s have helped them in their karting.

Now I will be the first to admit, my video production skills suck and they are not a Spielberg film. My first DVD I made was with moms Sony Camcorder. I slowly switched to HD cameras and DSLR for future projects, but what you are paying for is the knowledge. And I put my heart and soul into these DVD’s.

Justifying Buying The DVD’s

The best way to justify to anyone is simple. Look at what you spent in the 2016 karting season budget and think about what exactly did you learn. Maybe you improved your passing, or got a little more consistent. Now take $100 of that budget to purchase two of the most in depth scientific videos on the market, and I guarantee you personally that come 2017 your results will be improved at the track. It is the best $100 you will have spent in karting.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.


Blake Choquer
Wrench 2 Win

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