Diego Laroque Practice Video RMGF 2016
November 7, 2016
What Makes A Good Driving Coach
December 9, 2016

Aaron Laroque, Diego Laroque and Blake Choquer

2016 Rotax Grand Finals will be something I never forget. The seven years previous I witnessed some of the best racing and amazing drivers jumping up on the podium boxes. This year, was a little different, as my little driver Diego Laroque was the one to be on top of the box, winning the 2016 Rotax Grand Finals in Micro Max. The last lap gives me chills just thinking about it.

Setting Up The Chassis At The Grand Finals. Blake's 8th time

Setting Up The Chassis At The Grand Finals. Blake’s 8th time

Here is our final setup we used on the chassis.

Rotax Evo Engine
Pin Position 5
Main Jet 105 (Pro Flow Jet Kit 106)
2.5 Turns On The Air Screw
60% float level height with the guage
Aligned throttle position to gold dot
13/65 sprocket
Air flap up
165-180 degrees hot

97% air density

Praga Chassis
3 spacers front
Middle ride height
middle ackerman hole
1mm toe Out each side
1mm negative camber
LF 14.1 psi cold
RF 14.3 PSI cold
LR 13.8 psi cold
RR 14.1 psi cold
Seat Position 4 sprocket thickness above bottom of chassis. Started the week off with 1.
Rear hubs flush with axle. Never measured.
Rear Bumper Loose
Seat Tight
Middle Ride Height Rear
20 kg of weight all on the back of the seat. Tried to balance the kart by lifting the wheels on the ground to feel the balance. Ended up moving the seat over about 1 cm from original spot.

A Couple Lap Times From Various Sessions

1:11.30 – 10,113rpm / 5,810 rpm – 167 degrees


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