Diego Laroque Practice Video RMGF 2016

Winning Setup 2016 Rotax Grand Finals
November 7, 2016

The Rotax Grand Finals are one of the biggest races in the World. When I switched to Rotax in 2003 it was what I set my sights on. For the next 3 three years it is what I tried to qualify for and in 2006 I finished 3rd at the Canadian Nationals and won my first ticket to the Grand Finals in Portugal. In 2007 was the last time I competed as a driver before switching gears to a coach 6 times after that. There is something so special about this event, that once you get a taste for it all you want to do is get back there. 2016 for me will be the most memorable year ever working with Diego Laroque from AZ, USA. He pulled off an amazing trip winning his first World Championship.

This video is one of the practice sessions from the Grand Finals before qualifying. We were testing engine and carb setups just before qualifying. Diego qualified 15th which was not where we wanted to be. None the less he had three great heat races making smart choices which got him a starting spot of 8th in the prefinal. He drove well and fought hard to get 4th. In the final it was a 10 lap race and the top 5 were all battling for the win. On the last lap Diego made a pass for the lead and was able to defend the last couple of corners to win his first World Championship. Was a very unique and unbelievable experience to be a part of it and help Diego win won of the most prestigious races in the world.

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